RK Marble’s consistently phenomenal showcases at the renowned stone & tile exhibition is a testament to our commitment to perfection. Elevating the natural art to surrealistic, timeless beauty, we lead the way in stone innovation.


RK Marble’s cutting-edge technology for stone mining and processing has been celebrated on the international forum over the years. The results of consistent pursuit of perfection has elevated our natural art in the luxury marble market and set the bar higher than ever.


RK Marble’s timeless collection won awe and applause by luxury natural stone importers across the globe. Our finishes with finesse are acclaimed as the result of an amalgamation of the latest technology and human innovation.

Brazil Vitoria

RK Marble’s pure white marble stole the spotlight in the land of exotic granites. The divine glint of Flawless White Marble and the sensuous wispy veins of Cat’s Eye have captured hearts in the land of colourful minerals time and again.


When it comes to everything stone, RK Marble is a proud trailblazer showcasing our fine collection at Stona. Our mining, processing and vision are applauded by the fraternity, fueling us to set the bar higher.